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On this page I list a few more projects I work on or have worked on. I also recommend you check out my Github and [Project-Name-Here] Git.


A opensource 360° media viewer written in JavaScript using Electron and Marzipano


Soundr is a simple, open-source, cross-platform audio playing server written in go.

Soundr Logo


A semi ancestor of the elevator map. Pointsight is a centralized geolocalized api aggregator.

Pointsight Logo

Deprecated / Old


A Python-based tool to record a replay of the last few seconds.
This project should still work, however documentation has low quality. No work has been done on it recently.


The german BeeStation Fork - BienenStation is a community effort to translate the SpaceStation13 fork BeeStation into german.
I have no officially declared this project really dead yet. But it pretty much is.

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An opensource map with community contributed elevators. There are trainspotters, but there are also elevatorspotters!
The spiritual successor for this is Pointsight. No work has been done to this recently.

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