A programmer would just start over again, if the world would be a project.

But we can’t just start all over again. It’s not possible. You can’t just press the reset button for a few seconds and everything is set back. We have to work with what we have. We need to improve it to a point where it’s just sustainable and where it works. And that is not the job of one single person. We need to work together to fix this project. Project earth, Project humanity. But like I said, one person is not enough, not one country is enough. We can just hope that everyone is enough. The global health crisis showed us that there are other ways to achieve your goal. The pollution and with it the climate change is one of the biggest problems we have right now. Some people play it down, but that is the wrong handling with it. We need to address every little issue in the world, no matter how small it is. And just fighting against the symptoms is not a solution. We have to find the cause of every problem, track it down. Solve it. Just hiding the consequences could lead to something even worse, to something that could possibly kill us. It’s important to shift our goals, not only our private ones. Everyone needs to change something, every company, every individual. The biggest goal should be substantiality. Not money. If you have all money of the world, but there is no world anymore, what can you use it for? Nothing. Some people will say, that we will all die at one point. But that isn’t a good anchor point. CPG Grey made an awesome video about this (Link), you should watch it. The last generations left a mess after them, like after a party where no one cared to clean up.

Bild von Felix Mittermeier

I don’t want to sound like a person with some aluminium foil on my head. But the media isn’t perfect. And they have huge power. For programmers, you could say that got sudo permissions. I don’t say that’s wrong. But the media should change the way they handle the news. What happened to Greta Thunberg, or what is up with the protest in Hongkong? It simply wasn’t interesting enough anymore, and they carried one. There is so much, where the media just lost interest in. Which is sad.

Bild von Tommy Andreassen

There are beautiful things on earth. We should preserve them. And not to forget: We might be the only planet with these wonderful things. In the daily race you might forget about them. But when just stop and look up at night you see all these stars. If you see Aurea Borealis, you say: “Wow. This was amazing.”. Please keep that for other generations.

This is just my opinion. Things I wanted to say. Probably not many people will read this, but to the few, who read this: Thank you.