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Cloudflare Rocket loader or why my Nextcloud won’t work

This article is about Cloudflare Rocket loaders passion to break Nextcloud (and apparently PhpMyAdmin for some people) and how to fix it.

I have installed Nextlcoud for some testing purposes some time ago. As a side note; Yes, I’m using Cloudflare for DNS. And was surprised by Nextcloud’s clean UI, consisting of only the logo and a background image.

A very clean UI

I know one of the last updates overhauled Nextclouds UI, but this is a little too clean, even in my taste. To diagnose the issues I swiftly opened the Javascript console hidden away in the inspect element dialogue. One of the major error messages I saw was the browser being unable to load a library called “RocketLoader”. After some searching, I found out that others have also run into this problem before, but Nextcloud does not use RocketLoader. After going through Cloudflare’s Speed setting in boredom one day I saw an option titled “Enable Cloudflare Rocket Loader”, which was enabled. I turned the ticked box off, and yes a few minutes later Nextcloud worked again!


Go into your domains Cloudflare setting, then choose Speed and go to “Optimization”, disable the Rocket Loader™ option. Your service should start working properly again.

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  1. Michael

    Thanks, that helped! A shame, that cloudflare doesn’t check their optimizations for compatibility with such popular projects.

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